Kendrick Lamar Reveals The First Concert He Ever Attended


You know how we all have our favorite artist we look up to and have hopes of seeing them one day performing? Well Kendrick Lamar had the same dreams however it did not go as he hoped.

According to Pitchfork in his recent interview with Billboard, Kdot explains that his very first concert he had ever been to was actually his own concert. Crazy right? 

“I didn’t even get to go to a show. Back then, we didn’t have the money for it, “When I went on tour with The Game and Jay Rock back in 2006, that was my first show.” says the Compton native.  

Kendrick also added,  “That shit cost mone. Gas money. Me being onstage is me fulfilling two ­different things; performing and getting to enjoy it like the people enjoying it.”

Hey there's a first time for everything, looks like he actually gain more if you asks us!

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