Apple's Stock Drops During iPhone X and iPhone 8 Announcement

Apple back at it again with the new releases.

Apple's keynote launches early this morning and gave the full rundown on what we can expect on two new phones. There was speculation that there was going to be a release of an iPhone 7s , 7s Plus along with iPhone 8, however Apple pretty said negative.

The two new phones will be iPhone 8 releasing September 27th and iPhone X (aka iPhone 10) which will be released on November 3rd.


During the keynote we learned that the iPhone 8 will have be available in silver, space gray and a rose gold, pure glass behind the phones so a phone case is a must, new sensor, 30% faster, and etc.

Now the The iPhone X on the other hand will have HDR colors screen , dolby vision, 3D Touch, a facial recognition to replace Touch ID fingerprint because there will be no longer a bottom home screen, and wireless charging.

Did we mention it will cost up to $999 dollars?

Surprisingly, Apple users weren't really pleased about the new updates. According to Complex, Apple witnessed their stock's worth drop more than two bucks to $161.50 (which also happens to be below the price they opened the day at) during their iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Social media had their laugh too.

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