Nicki Minaj Says "She Only Competes With Foxy Brown"

As rumors began to stir up about Nicki Minaj possibly having competition when it comes to New York native Cardi B and of course Remy Ma during their back to back diss records,

Nicki was quick to clear that up with an Instagram post stating legendary Foxy Brown is the only one she finds competitive. 


This isn't the first time Nicki has showed praise to Foxy. In 2012, Nicki publicly named Foxy the  most influential rapper and gave her kudos for bowing down to Lauryn Hill at one of her shows according to our friends over at XXL Mag.

The two clearly has tight bond as we recall back in March , Foxy stepped in for Nicki Minaj's defense for the dissed track Remy Ma aimed at her.

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