Chris Brown Opens Up About Rihanna and Drops New Single 'Questions'

One thing you can't knock this guy for is his talent and honesty.

Couple months back Chris Brown release a private Documentary titled 'Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life', where he discusses the multiple hardships he has faced in his career thus far. One of the snippets that has recently leaked that has social media reacting is when he get into full detail on encounter with Rihanna from the beginning to the end of their relationship.

One thing we all had no idea about is the marriage plans he and Riri had prior to their fight the night of the VMAS. 


Chris Brown not only is making headlines because of this leak footage of the movie but also he dropped new single and visuals titled 'Questions'.

Now this track sounds like old 2009 Breezy with and Island vibe. Are you feeling it?

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