Man Gets Killed While Filming a YouTube Prank

This is just wild. Pedro was shot and killed by his girlfriend Monalisa due to a prank.

The couple who are parents of two, share a joint YouTube account where they post family vlogs together. The two are known for their back and forth pranks in the vlogs and decided to take things to another level.


According to Complex in order to receive multiple views in hopes of becoming famous, Pedro wanted to take it to the next level by having Monalisa shoot a .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol at a book he was holding to his chest. 

Now we don't know why he thought that book was gonna save him from a bullet but coming from his Aunt, he shot a book prior to the prank and it didn't go all the way through.

You can find out what else she had to say along with the girlfriend's consequence HERE.

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