Fidget Spinner Toys Have Reportedly Caught on Fire

This new toy seems to be in the hands of everyone from toddlers to teens and adults. I mean it is pretty addictive and like a modern day tech deck toy.

Surprising enough, studies have shown these Fidget Spinners are actually very harmful and known to catch on fire. There has recently been two reported situations in which the tricked-out fidget spinners have exploded—one in Alabama and one in Michigan according to our friends at Complex.

“We were about five or 10 minutes from leaving the house for the day. [My son] noticed it burst into flames and he started screaming,” Kimberly Allums of Gardendale, Alabama, told WBRC FOX. “I was downstairs and all I heard was, ‘fire, fire.’ The fidget spinner wasn’t smoking, it was in flames.”

Yesh! It would be wise just put these toys to rest. Read the full story HERE

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