Notorious B.I.G's Mom Responds to Kylie and Kendall's Controversial Tees

Social media wasn't letting Kendall and Kylie live when their graphic tees from their summer collection dropped yesterday online. The T-shirts made are decorated with their faces printed on top of an old picture of Hip Hop Legends Biggie and 2pac.


Clearly wasn't a smart move for the Jenners but not only was social media bothered by this look but  Notorious B.I.G's Estate is upset as well. According to TMZ, Biggie's estate threaten the Jenners if they do not put a stop to purchasing the tees their will be a immediate lawsuit.

Biggie's mother also showed her frustration on Instagram on how unpleased she is.


Since being hit with a possible lawsuit, Kendall took to twitter to apologize to whomever felt disrespected and stated the shirts have then been pulled of shelves. As far as Kylie... she still doing her lol

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