#REALsteez: Kehlani, Future, and Nipsey Hussle Pop-Up Recap

1. Kehlani: Sweet Sexy Savage

Last weekend was lit in LA for fashion as artists like Kehlani , Future, and Nipsey debuted their lastest trends for their pop up shops. You know I had to pull up to check them put and give you the highlights and ratings. 

Kehlani's Pop-Up shop was held at popular brand Pink Dolphin store in Fairfax District and although it was small and not too much going on inside, Kehlani made sure to give her fans a taste of style.

The most popular items in the store which were also my favorites was he  "Sweet Sexy Savage" tees. Now this is dope her tees were not just a reference to her album of course were printed with pictures of herself that matched her characteristic.

Young Kehlani = Sweet

Seductive Kehlani= Sexy

Ruthless Kehlani= Savage

What was also cool about her pop up was the fact that she not only had merch for sale but also random accessories. From necklaces, to stickers, and SPORT BOTTLES!!! I'm just saying it's not common to have souvenir cups for purchase but Keh clearly was making sure we stay hydrated out here.

2. Future: Nobody Is Safe

Now this pop up , I wasn't really feeling too much at all. I did enjoy the how decorations outside the building that was filled with caution tape to go along with his "Nobody Is Safe Tour" theme. 

However, it was a little misleading because as you are walking up to the entrance you hear music bumping you would think you are about to walk into a turn up or maybe even a maze and come to find out it's the smallest room ever. SMH

But what I think was coo about his pop up was this huge speaker he collaborated with that actually shows lyrics to any song that is being played.  

Derelle, who happened to be one of the workers there mentioned the shark long sleeve t-shirt was the most popular selling item along with the shirt she was wearing. 

That shark tee was pretty coo but my personal favorites was the sweat pants that were hidden in the back that had "Nobody is Safe Tour" and "Freebands" written on the pants leg. Also there was a shirt that stood out in particular which was one that had "56" on the front of it.

Now those of you that may not know, the 56 represents his mixtape '56 nights' with those bangers like March Madness and Trap N****S. But the 56 nights is the amount of days his personal DJ Esco spent in jail out in Dubai with all of the music he had recorded. So for him to pay homage and have 56 shirts in different colors that topped all the merch in my opinion.

3. Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Clothing

This had to have been the best stop of the day by far especially since this store isn't just a limited time pop up but a flagship store here to stay. 

Nipsey kept thangs REAL authentic by opening up this The Marathon Clothing store in the heart of his hometown off of Slauson and Crenshaw in Los Angeles. Not only was that dope, but it was more than just some grand opening it was more of a block party. Streets were blocked off, food trucks and vendors were out on the scene, and of course music was bumping.

I loved how it created like a family cookout feeling with everyone coming out and supporting Nip on this huge opening. I was also able to catch up with JP who is one of the guys behind the visuals for the merchandising and broke it down the true meaning of what "Marathon" really means. "Marathon means endurance, never giving up, and longevity" 

The most important pieces and biggest seller happen to be my personal favorite and that would be the classic Crenshaw Tees. As JP explained, it kinda reminds you of the original I love LA

I have to rate Nipsey's store an 10 off tops because it's not an average clothing store that would be placed in Fairfax Distrcit around Melrose area, instead its true to home or while others may call it "The hood" parts of Los Angeles where Nipsey is from. 

His goal for this store is to set an example to the youth in the community to never stop pursuing their dreams regardless of the "No's and Turn Downs" you'll receive during the grind. 

Like I mentioned not only did you have the opportunity to purchase dope merchandise, but also had the experience of being apart of a huge celebration of such a big opening in that environment that you couldn't help but to turn up. lol

Karen Civil, Compton Av, and Big Boy to name a few were all in attendance when celebrating this moment for Nipsey and for LA.

We'll see who's pop up shop I'll be hitting up next,

#REALsteez by Jazzie

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