Kendrick Lamar Is Accused Of Stealing Rhymes On His 'DNA' Track.

Of course when you're killing the charts and life its just going great there's always gotta be least one person hating. Our guy K.Dot has recently be accused of biting lyrics of an underground artist named D.Sign.

Now I know this is hard to believe because Kendrick has proved himself to be one of the greatest mcees of our time on numerous counts. Kendrick Lamar EP, Overly Dedicated, Section .80, Good Kid Maad City, To Pimp A Butterfly, do I need to keep going and take it back even further? I'll stop.

According to our friends at HotNewHipHopthere has been a Instagram post that went viral comparing both rapper's songs together, take a listen.


Okay, so yes there is a little comparison but cmon there's also this thing called coincidence and the song 'DNA' itself is completely different.  

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