Former Death Row Bodyguard Exposes Who Murdered Tupac Shakur

Who knows who's telling the truth these days, seems like a lot more stories are circulating about Pac's death since the biopic "All Eyez On Me' will be hitting the big screen this year on June 16th. We just heard from Suge Knight himself back in March revealing his ex-wife was behind it all and now we are hearing from a former bodyguard.

Mob James was a bodyguard for Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur and happened to be present the night the fight broke out at the casino. In a recent interview, James claims it was the guy 2pac stomped out at the casino, a former crip by the name of Orlando Anderson who retaliated by shooting at BMW he was riding in with Suge.

Watch the full interview below to hear his side.

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