Kendrick Lamar Throwing SHOTS In New Song

Kendrick Lamar isn't one to tease and not deliver. Today is case and point. Earlier, Kendrick posted a cryptic IG post leaving fans wondering if this was a new album/song/anything on the way


Well they didn't have to wonder for long, tonight K Dot dropped a new song "The Heart Pt 4" both announcing a possible album release date within it and taking jabs at his fellow rappers. Peep some of the highlights. 


Shoot this whole excerpt from the 2nd verse alone is full of attack, peep:

My fans can't wait for me to son your punk ass 

and crush your whole little shit

I'll Big Pun your punk ass 

you a scared little bitch

Tip-Toeing around my name nigga you lame

And when i get at you homie don't just tell me you was just playin'

(Oh I was just playin' K-Dot, c'mon, you know a nigga rock with you bro)

Shut the fuck up you sound like the last nigga I know

Might end up like the last nigga I know

Oh you don't want to clash nigga I know

I put my foot on the gas head on the floor

Hoppin' out before the vehicle crash I'm on the road

Yelling 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I am the greatest rapper alive

So damn great


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