Dude Burns Down Parents Crib While Attempting To Kill Ants

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Story via Yahoo News

A Maine man accidentally torched his parents' home over the weekend while trying to exterminate ants.

Investigators with the state fire marshal's office said this week that 21-year-old Devon Doucette was trying to incinerate the ants with wooden matches when he inadvertently ignited combustible material that caused flames to rapidly envelope the Old Orchard Beach home.

Now Devon's parents weren't at the home but their pets were. Two cats and a dog were killed during the fire, as stated in a GoFundMe set up by Devon's friends.

"Sadly, the wonderful Doucette family had a house fire yesterday and lost everything, including their loving pets," the friend, Erica Hebert Albair, wrote as part of a plea to help the family with expenses related to the total loss.

Their goal of $10k was surpassed in just one day and ol Devon won't be facing any criminal charges for accidently setting the house on fire while tryna kill some ants. Oy vey.

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