Chance The Rapper Invented A New Kind Of Tattoo

Don't ever let anyone tell you rappers aren't also inventors. From flows to languages, like Snoop's "fo shizzle my nizzle" and E40's slanguage, and motto's like Drake's "YOLO" plus so much more, rappers got this creation thing locked down! 

But what about this new concept, the mirror tattoo. Something Chance The Rapper told Katie Couric, he came up with.

"it's a backwards tattoo", explains Chance, "it says 'get back to work' it's a mirror tattoo, a concept I created. And basically it's a reminder that I'm not doing enough"

but in case you were wondering if Chance recommends you get like him with a mirror tat. Maybe not. 

"It's so stupid, I hate it now" is what he told Katie. Peep the full convo below

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