Off Duty LAPD Officer Pulls Out Gun At Anaheim Teens

Tonight, many upset residents of Anaheim protested a few streets down from Disneyland. Angered by a video you can see below of an off duty LAPD officer, pulling out and shooting his gun after tugging a 13 year old boy over an altercation that happened on the officers lawn.


From the dialogue in the video, it seems the officer, who has not been arrested, yelled at a young girl who was on his lawn. That's when the 13 year old boy, Christian Dorscht, reportedly said "respect the girl". The video shows Christian being held on to and tugged around by this off duty police officer. After a few minutes of back and forth and some of the boy's friends trying to pry Christian away, the officer pulled out a gun and shot. 

Understandably so, Christians parents were outraged and along with many who saw this video took to the streets of Anaheim to protest. 

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said there will be a 'thorough, impartial' investigation into the incident. Christian's father also shared pictures of scratches on the boy's neck from the scuffle.

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