Drake says he's sure Meek Mill regrets their beef

In an interview with DJ Semtex, Drake addresses the long told Ghostwriting stories and walks us through the behind the scenes of his beef with Meek.

Here are a few highlights from the below interview:

On Drake Ghostwriting:

"Anyone that's been in any room with me period, knows. First of all, knows that I am one of the best writers PERIOD. That is what I do, that's what I'm known for. I go and write for other people... I write my biggest songs, my biggest hits"

How the infamous Quentin Miller reference tracks got leaked:

"It was really DJ Drama that got a call from somebody higher up. At that time, he didn't have the backbone to say no to this person"

On the beef with Meek:

"You can sit here and interview Meek and ask him if it was worth it. I bet he'll say no"

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