Drake explains why Dr Dre fired him from DETOX

Fun Fact about Drake whether you know it or not. Before Young Money, he worked with Dr Dre on DETOX! But what happened there? How come Dre didn't put his stamp on Drizzy like Weezy did. 

Here's how Drake tells it:

It kind of all came to an end when Dre brought me into his office. He's like "man you're doing really good work" he gave me a $10,000 check, it was the most money I had ever got in my life... I got the money... flew my girl down to LA... it was just a joyous moment. I had missed studio or I had done something wrong, I had let my mind deviate from work and I missed something. Next thing I know, I was sent home and that was kind of it. It was a big life lesson for me"

Watch below for the full interview with Drake and DJ Semtex. Dr Dre talks starts at 6:14

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