Guy's Friends Hold A Funeral For Him Cuz He Got A GF

It's happened to all of us, we have friends we think will never leave our side and then the unthinkable happens, our dear friend falls in love and leaves us with only a memory of what once was. 

At least that's how these guys saw it, after their homie, Adam Miller, got into a relationship. He's absence was so profound, the crew decided to honor their gone friend, with a funeral.

“We all live on a floor together and spend a lot of time going out to nights out and all sorts,” 19-year-old Ben Hull, one of Milner’s friends, told BuzzFeed News. “Then suddenly he got a girlfriend, and we saw him less and less.”


The boys held this mock-service in the hallway of their university, keeping dear old Adam in his room because they "didn't think it would be right for him to attend"


After the service, however, Adam made sure to thank his friends and share that he'd be watching over all of them. As for Adam's new boo? She laughed the whole thing off. Cute! 

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