Schoolboy Q Admits He Used To Be A Deadbeat Dad

While sitting with Zane Lowe and explaining there's a new album in the works, Schoolboy Q made a very honest admission about himself as a father. 

"I finally get $100 knowing I should give it to my daughter, I give $20 to her and I keep $80 for myself, just being a dead beat" Q admits of his state while making an earlier project 'Habits & Contradictions' 

When asked about where he's at with the new album he's working on, Schoolboy Q says "On this record, it's moreso my life, after I made it to the point of Schoolboy Q. I gave you me, but I never gave you the other side of me, the father... I'm not a deadbeat father anymore, I'm in my daughters life, she lives with me, actively. I pick her up, take her to school every morning, it's just a whole different Q"  

Listen to the full interview BELOW

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