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Tristan Thompson Gets Fan Ejected From Game Over Kardashian Comments

Sacramento Kings v Detroit Pistons

Photo: Getty Images North America

Last week we saw LeBron James get someone ejected from the Laker game because they were heckling him and made rude comments about his son!

Now Tristan Thompson did a similar thing! A rude person at the game was making comments about the Kardashians and as you know Tristan has a daughter with Khloé Kardashian!

As the fan was kicked out he raised his glass and smiled as he walked out!

The head coach of the Sacramento Kings talked about the moment and said

“I don’t think it needs to be talked about or anything, but obviously it’s not anything that I’m going to tolerate people saying to my players, I know that, not without intervening and asking them to be removed,”

“They can say anything they want to me or they can boo and do everything they want with the players, but there’s no room for saying inappropriate things in a sporting event. That’s not why you’re there.”

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