Here’s How Mike Posner Made Me Cry

 Now we all know that good things don’t last forever and how those good things when they’re gone they can take a toll on us. Mental health has played a huge role In the music industry more than ever especially with in the last year. If you remember Mike Posner dropped his head song took a pill in Ibiza and that catapulted his starred him since then he’s gone in different musical directions but is now is using his 2 feet to walk him into his new journey. In his new video he explains all the downs he’s been through behind the scenes which included incredible heartache and heartbreak including this loss of his dad.  I couldn’t help but she’d a tear or two or three while watching this. I’m wishing mike Posner an incredible walk through America! He’s guessing it’ll take him a year and I’m sure we will all be cheering him on! 

Abby De La Rosa

Abby De La Rosa

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