Woman Hospitalized After Chihuahua Pooped In Her Mouth While She Slept

Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images North America

Yes, you read that right.

A 51-year-old woman was hospitalized after her chihuahua pooped in her mouth while she was sleeping.

Amanda Goomo was taking a nap when her chihuahua, Belle became ill with a stomach flu, which gave the pup diarrhea. Belle, then pooped into her owner's mouth and she had to go to the hospital.

"I was having my afternoon nap with Belle, like I always do, when I suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth, she told South West News Service. "It was disgusting, and I was hurling violently for hours after. I just couldn't get the taste out of my mouth."

Goomo is now okay as well as her chihuahua. She's glad everything turned out to be minor.

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