You Won't Believe How Much This Woman Makes Selling Her Boob Sweat!

Young woman wearing white bikini top, mid section, close-up

Photo: Digital Vision

Remember when it came out that a woman was making a TON of money selling her farts?! Well that was Stephanie Matto and she's making even MORE money selling something else!

Boob Sweat! Ummmm ok - Yup, Stephanie says that she makes $5,000 a DAY selling vials of her boob sweat!

Stephanie had to stop selling her farts because of a heart health scare, Stephanie says she that this is her new side hustle!

“If boob sweat is the new side hustle, I’m here for it,” Matto enthused in an interview with Jam Press. “It’s going to be a hot girl summer, and my boobs are sweating, so let’s bottle it and sell it!”

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