Big Boy Talks To Harvey Levin of TMZ About the Johnny Depp vs Amber Case

If you've been scrolling on social media lately you can't escape the videos from the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case. It's CRAZY!!!

Well Big Boy decided to call up his good friend Harvey Levin and talk about what's going on the case just a couple days before it's about to go to the jury!

Levin discusses photo evidence from the court case, possible trial outcomes, and a potential timeline for the jury decision. Plus, he speaks on the numerous allegations and Johnny Depp's lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

John C. Depp v. Amber Laura Heard (Depp v Heard) is an ongoing defamation trial in Fairfax County, Virginia that began on April 11, 2022. Plaintiff Johnny Depp is making claim for three counts of defamation for "$50,000,000 +" in damages from defendant Amber Heard who is counterclaiming $100 million.

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