Ex-NFL Player Caught On Video Fighting Airport Employee

Passengers lined up at the airport to check in their luggage.

Photo: Moment RF

This happened at a the United Airlines Desk at Newark Liberty International Airport. At first the customer claims that the employee punched first however the customer former NFL player Brendan Langley was arrested and on social media said "I finish s***, I don't start s***." - "security had me bent glad someone caught this on film." He then just got flip about the whole thing, saying, "While y'all here check out my latest EP 'It'll Make Sense Soon' before I beat y'all ass!!"

According to some reports it was Larry who started the fight and that's why he was arrested.

Brendan was third-round pick in the 2017 NFL draft. He isn't in the NFL right now but he apparently plays for the CFL's Calgary Stampeders.

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