Ari Fletcher Addresses Rumors About Bringing Her Son To A Club

BET Hip Hop Awards 2021 - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images

After Ari Fletcher brought her 3-year-old son Yosohn to a party, there was a petition created in support of giving the father, G Herbo, full custody of the child. HipHipWired mentioned that some fans payed little attention and others were so strongly opposed to the situation that they signed the petition.

“They said, ‘You had that baby in that club.’ OK. Whatever y’all say, boo. Sign that petition. Do what you need to do,” Fletcher shared in regards to those involved with the petition. “How you gonna start a petition to give my baby to somebody who ain’t even ask for him? Y’all crazy. Whoever made that petition, I wish nothing but greatness for you.”

The "club" scene in question was a private party in which only invitees could enter. Videos of the event were taken, and one in particular of Fletcher dancing with Yosohn alone in the background began to populate the internet. She mentioned in an Instagram live that the private event was far from that of an average club.

“Who would even let a 4-year-old in the club. Come on now. Stop. Cause if I would offer you $20,000 to rent your crib out, you would let me do it. No questions asked. And I would have [children] in your crib and you would do nothing. It’s private, no one can come in."

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