Guy Signs His GF Up For Etiquette Classes Before She Meets His Parents

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A guy on Reddit shared a story trying to see if other people felt like he made the wrong move!

He revealed that he was dating his girlfriend for a few months and he wanted to introduce his girlfriend to his parents but he knows how his parents are and he also knows that his girlfriend grew up differently than him and he just wanted to make a good impression!

"For some context, I’m blessed and had a fortunate upbringing. My gf on the other hand faced some challenges in her life from a young age (particularly financial challenges)."

He went on to say

I got her signed up for an online social etiquette course and thought this was a good idea. However when I told her she was absolutely furious. She claimed that I’m “obviously embarrassed” to be with her and that I should just marry a “rich girl” instead. She even accused me of being “just another white, privileged guy”. To make matters worse she said that it’s “racially insensitive” of me to feel the need to teach her how to behave.

Do you think he was wrong??? If you were his Girlfriend would you have been offended???

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