People Who Witnessed Guy Beating His Puppy Beat Him Up!

Labrador Retreiver

Photo: Moment RF

A man was seen on the streets of Hollywood beating a small dog! People immediately felt like this was NOT ok so they did something about it. They started beating him up!

Even "Hunger Games" and "Step Mom" actress Jena Malone saw what was happening and decided to chase the guy down and hold him until cops arrived.


Photo: Getty Images South America

A lawyer told NBCLA that the people should have stopped beating him up once the puppy was ok but LAPD did not file charges against the group who attacked the man! The man who beat the dog though was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty!

The owner of the dog (the Mother of the man who was arrested) said her son took the dog and even though the dog suffered a broken leg he will be ok!

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