Woman Fights To Keep Her "FART" License Plate

(Photo by RICARDO ARDUENGO/AFP via Getty Images

Photo: AFP

A woman is fighting hard to keep the license plate she paid for. Just one tiny thing, according to ABC 7, the license plate has "FART" on it, which is causing the commotion.

Karly Sindy of Asheville said the DMV approved her personalized license plate back in October. She was a bit surprised but excited when she received the plate in the mail. She then put it on her car and started driving around with it.

But on February 25, she received a letter in the mail from the DMV, saying they received some complaints about the plate.

So she and some friends and some friends decided to tell the DMV that it was an acronym for their friends group: Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails.

Sindy was on previously on Jimmy Kimmle Live, where she talked about the situation.

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