Teacher Pleads Guilty for Giving Her Students Cupcakes Laced with Semen

This is disgusting! So back in October of 2019 Cynthia Perkins was arrested along side her husband Dennis Perkins. They were facing 60 counts each of child pornography production.

Cynthia now has plead guilty and is facing a 41 year prison sentence.

Her now ex-husband Dennis Perkins. The former middle school teacher pleaded guilty to second-degree rape, producing child pornography, and conspiracy of tampering with harmful substances.

Dennis was immediately fired from his position as sheriff’s lieutenant and Cynthia resigned as a teacher at Westside Junior High School.

One of the things Cynthia was guilty of was giving her students cupcakes that were laced with Dennis' semen.

"The most recent lawsuit detailing the allegations against the Louisiana couple was filed by a family on Monday. It alleges that in addition to giving their daughter cupcakes, Cynthia showed the minor explicit pictures. The suit also claims that Cynthia photographed and videotaped the student, The Advocate reported." - The Sun

I think they should lock her AND her husband up for LONGER!

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