Is Rihanna Dropping An Album This Year?


Photo: AFP

The Rihanna Navy may have a ship coming in. There are rumblings being heard that Rihanna’s album is on its way. 

A source told The Sun newspaper, “It's happening. Rihanna will drop an album this year. She is getting ready to release this year. It is always something she had planned to do for her fans. She has heard their calls for her new tunes and knows they have been waiting so patiently.”

After her pregnancy announcement, Rihanna was asked if she still planned to release music, her response was a sigh of relief for the Rihanna Navy,“Well, yes … You’re still going to get music from me,” said the singer. 

During last week's Fenty event where Rihanna hit the red carpet for the first time as mother was asked if she would be singing lullabies, she said, “Oh my goodness, not a lullaby. My fans would kill me that they waited this long for a lullaby!”

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