Here's Why Celebrating Valentine's Day Is Good For Your Health!

Over-the-shoulder view of a unrecognisable woman receiving flower bouquet and reading "I love you" message on mobile phone

Photo: Moment RF

Some people HATE celebrating Valentine's Day! If you're single, I get it! BUT if you're in a relationship some people just don't want to take the time to show their love but here is a GREAT reason why you should celebrate Valentine's day!

In a recent study scientists found a link between Valentine's Day and heart attacks and there was a significant drop in the number of heart attacks on February 15, in the 24 hours after the holiday.

“The results suggest a potential beneficial impact of Valentine’s Day on the cardiovascular system, particularly for younger individuals. The team analyzed data on more than 51,000 episodes during key February dates."

So there you have it - GO CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!

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