Goodwill Employee Seen Removing Off-White Sneakers From Donation Bin

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If you've ever been thrift shopping or gone to Marshalls, when you find a name brand product for WAY less it's a score! I always wanted to work at Marshall's just to see the products that come in before putting them out for the customers!

Well these Goodwill employees were caught taking out some Nike and Off-White Sneakers out of the bin and taking them to the back before customers could get their hands on them!

One pair appears to be an Off-White Nike Air Presto in the sneaker's black colorway

Another pair seems to be the Off-White Air Jordan Retro 1 High in the sneaker's Chicago colorway.

Both of those sneakers were part of the late Virgil Abloh's first line of Off-White Nikes back in 2018! If you remember Virgil passed away last November after a battle with cancer!

Now according to StockX, a leading sneaker reselling site, the 2018 Off-White Nike Air Presto resold for an average price of $946 over the last 12 months.

The 2018 Off-White Air Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago resold for an average price of $6,133 during the same period.

A lot of people online were upset about the employee taking the shoes however one user commented stating that sometimes they do this to put the items up for bid and the money from that will go to the Goodwill to help others!

We can't be sure what happened to those shoes next but hopefully no one got into trouble!

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