Woman Finds Out Her Man Was Cheating Through Jewelry Order!

Liv Portio, owner of DBL Jewelry, was left shocked when she started work one day to see an email from a confused customer.

A woman named Ashley sent Liv an email after she saw that she was being charged for a piece of jewelry from Liv's company but she didn't order anything from the company! That's when Ashley contacted Liv, the email that Liv got read

"Hi Liv, I got an email and credit card charge saying I ordered a few pieces but I didn't. The address says it's going to my bf's house but he says he didn't order it. The name on the necklace isn't mine either. Please help me out. Ashley."

See the necklace had the name "Diamond" engraved on it, but that's not Ashley's name!

The boyfriend was an idiot because he used his girlfriend's credit card to buy the jewelry.

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