Woman Accidentally Live Streams Having Sex And Dad Tunes In! Oops!

XXX button, on keyboard ,Watching pornography on a computer. Internet Masturbation.

Photo: Getty Images

A woman on TikTok shared a story about how she accidentally live streamed hooking up with her husband!

“Randomly remembering that one time last year when I accidentally went live on Facebook while I was in pound town, and 46 people saw it, including my own father,” the brunette captioned her video. “I cried for a week straight. I thought my life was over,” the mom of one further confessed. “My husband still thinks it’s hilarious.”

She goes by the name RRoberson016 on TikTok and now since the video of her explaining her story went viral, she's deleted the video!

She went on to say “I just set my phone down without locking it and managed to somehow click the button to go live,” she recalled. “My best friend kept calling me so it would say ‘Broadcast interrupted.'”

Ahhhh I would be so embarrassed! The worst part was that her Dad clicked on the feed but got out when he realized what was happening!

“He said when he realized what was going on, he just got off and acted like it never happened — but he has made a joke about it one time since,”

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