Apple Has New Feature Where Someone Will Inherit Your Phone After You Die!

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Photo: AFP

This is either really smart or really dangerous! Apple has debuted a new feature that will allow someone to inherit your phone after you pass away! They'll have full access to your phone. It's called "Digital Legacy" and will be featured on the next Apple update! You cna designate who from your contacts can have access to your phone!

However the person will not have access to payment information or passwords. Phew! So you can designate up to five people as your legacy contacts. They said that you should add this information to your estate planning! If (knock on wood) anything were to happen to you, the only way that person would gain access is by showing apple an access code and your death certificate. Then they'll have access too some of your accounts, pictures, contacts and more!

"Legacy contacts verified by the company will have access to the account for three years. At that time, the account will be permanently deleted, Apple says.

Here’s how to designate a legacy contact:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and click your name at the top.
  2. Tap “Password & Security,” then “Legacy Contact.”
  3. Designate up to five contacts as legacy contacts.
  4. Print and save the access code. Your contacts will need this and your death certificate to gain access."

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