Cardi B Wants To Bring Back The Old 'Playboy' As Its New Creative Director

Cardi B And Starco Brands Launch Whipshots

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Cardi B sat down with Billboard to talk about her new job as Creative Director for Playboy.

“I’ve been meeting with [Playboy] since May. I gave them some ideas that I have because I want the brand. I want sex. Sex appeal. I’m a wild girl,” Cardi told Billboard. “And that’s what I want on the brand. I want to have conversations that people are afraid to have. I want beautiful women.”

When asked what some of her ideas were she told Billboard, “I just think of Playboy like back-in-the-day Playboy. That’s what I want. I want to bring that back. I’m excited but now I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed because I could get a lot of pressure, but I know that I could do it.”

Playboy printed their last physical issue in Spring of 2020 and is currently only available digitally.

Read her entire interview here.

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