Mom Fights Intruder Who Ran Into Her Garage And Went After Her Kids.


Photo: The Image Bank RF

This was such a scary moment for a family who were hanging out at their house in their garage.

The Mom who is in the video says before this video, the same man tried to run in and her Husband and friend scared him off and then went off to search for him and then he tried again while the men were away! Thankfully the Mom was on alert and was able to block the guy from getting to her young daughters.

The unidentified mother admitted in an exclusive interview with KCAL9, that she was frightened the man was attempting to take her daughters.

She said, “I saw him coming into the driveway, and my first instinct was just to block him to give my kids enough time to get away.”

According to the news outlet, the man has been identified as Peter Rasmussen, 31.

Officials say they haven't learned Rasmussen’s motive behind the encounter; however, police do believe he was under the influence of a controlled substance of some sort.

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