Netflix Plans To Make A Major Change To "Squid Game."


Photo: AFP

If you've watched the show "Squid Game" then you know there is a phone number showed in the series! That one phone number has caused a lot of drama for a real person in South Korea!

A South Korean woman who was inundated with thousands of prank calls and texts after her phone number was shown on the hit show! So now Netflix has decided to change the scenes that show the phone number and edit the phone number out!

The nine-part thriller depicting cash-strapped contestants playing to the death in a bid to win billions became an international hit when it premiered on the streaming service last month.

The woman, identified as Kim Gil-young, told a local newspaper she doesn't want to change the number because it belongs to her business. 

Some reports said she was offered a large amount of money for compensation, but turned it down.

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