Here's Where You Can Get Your Netflix's "Squid Game" Halloween Costume!

Of course the one thing everyone is talking about is the Netflix show "Squid Game" and it's AMAZING! I do have to say though, as I type this I haven't finished the show but I'm more than half way through.

Squid Game has become an international hit and with Halloween around the corner, I know you're looking to find out where you can get a costume. 

If you're looking for the green tracksuit you can stop by H&M and then grab some iron-on numbers. Afterward, get some white sneakers to complete your ensemble. 

If you're wearing the jumpsuit, you gotta get a friend or two to wear guard pink jumpsuits. They can easily be found online and run for about $39.99. 

If you want to dress like the "Red Light, Green Light" doll, Amazon has lots of choices to make your outfit come to life. 

CLICK HERE to be one of the Guards

CLICK HERE to be one of the Players! (This one you'll have to piece it together)

You can also be the doll, all you need is a yellow shirt, orange spaghetti strap dress, white socks and black shoes!

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