Oh No! Apparently Eating Chips Will Take Years Off Your Life. Details Here.

High Angle View Of Fresh Crunchy Potato Chips On Table

Photo: EyeEm

We know eating certain foods could pack on some extra weight but did you know eating certain foods can take away years of your life?! According to a new study Starchy foods like potato chips can increase your risk of early death.

Participants in a research group found snacking on starchy foods like potato chips was associated with a 50-52% increase in the risk of death.

The study also found a 44-57% risk of death related to cardiovascular disease.

"People are increasingly concerned about what they eat as well as when they eat,"Ying Li, PhD, lead study author and professor in the department of nutrition and food hygiene at Harbin Medical University School of Public Health, said in a press release. "Our team sought to better understand the effects different foods have when consumed at certain meals."

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