McDonald's Worker Quits Job With Sign At Drive-Thru.


Photo: AFP

I for sure would think this is funny but at the same time I would be upset that I can't get my food HAHA!

A McDonald’s employee had had enough during a Saturday overnight shift in Louisville, Kentucky, he quit and closed the restaurant. 

@GreatApeDad spotted a sign early Sunday morning that read:“We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job.”The man, who only wanted to be known by his Twitter handle, says he was there to pick up the BTS meal for his wife and none of the employees noticed or had removed the sign from the drive-in from the night before.

“I personally thought it was funny, so I took a picture, uploaded it to Twitter, not thinking much of anything about it,”@GreatApeDad told TODAY Food.“And much to my surprise, it's had quite a success.”

@GreatApeDad explained that many service workers are “frustrated” and many restaurants are having a hard time finding people to work following the pandemic. 

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