A Professor Put A Crib in His Classroom To Help His Student.

Teddy bears on crib

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This is amazing and so sweet! An MIT professor is going viral for helping out a mother - and grad student - in need.

After one of Troy Littleton's biology grad students had a child last July, he and the rest of his students chipped in to buy a portable crib to set up right there in the lab.  That allowed the student, Karen Cunningham, to watch her newborn daughter while keeping up with her work - even after the pandemic shut down the university's day-care facility.

Littleton tweeted out a photo of the crib, calling it "my favorite new equipment purchase for the lab". That tweet caught fire with more than 9 million views.  He said he was "glad that it sparked discussion about how to create more family-friendly working environments".

I love how understanding and helpful this professor is.

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