Nicki Minaj Responds To T-Pain After He Said She Rejected Him.

T-Pain shared a story recently about how back in the day he tired to work with her and sent her messages but she rejected him.

“She was like, ‘Hey, I’m an artist too and I’m working on my shit, so ya know, baby chill,'” recalled T-Pain, who was heartbroken when Nicki turned him down because she was working on her own music. She reportedly told him, “I’m working on my shit too!”

He said he didn't take it in a bad way but he was a bit hurt! “Maybe I was in love with Nicki Minaj,”

Well seems like Nicki saw this interview and decided to comment

"don’t remember this AT ALL but it DEF sound like smthn I would say 🥴😂 omg what was I thinking? He was already a rlly big artist. I was still underground. Chileeeeee I used to b buggin yo 😭 I was under so much pressure to deliver 😫 my bad babe, all love. I have nthn but respect for your talent. 🎀♥️ and thank you & Kanye for clearing “Go Hard” for Beam Me Up Scotty last month. 🙏 listening to you over & over on that record taught me SM about harmonies & background vocals. Your vocals on that song alone are GOATED FOR LIFE. I listened to every single detail.@tpain"

Check out the song that he cleared below

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