How Does Bradley Cooper Feel About Kanye West Dating His Ex??

Earlier this week Kanye West was seen in France with Irina Shayk, fueling the rumors that the two are an item! Well Kanye isn't the only one with a famous ex, Irina use to date Bradley Cooper and they have a daughter together. So how does Bradley feel about his ex dating Kanye West? According to a source “Bradley would be fully supportive of whoever Irina chooses to date — he just wants her to be happy,” a source claimed. “Bradley and Irina are not just on good terms as co-parents, they’re also close as friends and share personal things with each other.” 

Earlier this year Irina talked about her ex in an interview and said “I think in all good relationships you bring your best and your worst—it’s just the nature of a human being,” she told British Vogue in January 6. “Two great people don’t have to make a good couple.”


Photo: AFP

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