Saweetie Reveals She Use To Steal Things When She Was Younger.

Saweetie is on the upcoming cover of Teen Vogue and in the magazine she opens up that she use to steal things. "Before I went to college, I almost went to jail because I got caught stealing," Saweetie continued "At a young age, I just always liked the finer things — and I'm not even talking about name brands. I just like looking good."

She went on to say that the cops let her go and that moment made her rethink things.

"In that moment, I was like, I'm not really about this life," she recalled. "I get straight A's, I'm a year-round athlete... I think the lesson was that [I had worked] too hard for everything to be thrown away."

Saweetie's debut album "Pretty B Music" will drop sometime this year.

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