Girl Who Pushed Bear To Save Her Dogs Will Receive An Award

Photo: Getty Images

17 year -old, California teen, Hailey Morinico, is globally known for the viral video of her pushing a bear and its cubs off a wall to protect her dogs. 

The captured video shows a mamma bear and her cubs on a wall clawing at Hailey’s mother’s service dog, as well as their other dogs. The video also shows Hailey quickly running towards the dogs to move away from the bear and she pushes the bear off the wall with her bare hands.

To honor Hailey’s courage, Maglite announced that she will be awarded with the “Maglite Tough Award”, this Friday June 11. 

What is so special about this award is that this is the first time Maglite is giving this award to regular civilians since they’ve only been given to first responders. 

Congratulations Hailey Morinico! Let us know if you would have done what Hailey did to save her pups?

By: Julie Lima

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