Kanye West Spotted with Model Irina Shayk on His Birthday. Details Here.

Ahhh looks like those rumors about Kanye West and model Irina Shayk could be true! Kanye West's Birthday was yesterday and he was spotted in France celebrating. Witnesses saw him walking about a luxury boutique hotel with non other than Irina Shayk.

According to TMZ a witness said “they are 100% romantically together, but our sources say it’s unclear how serious they are at this point.”

It should be noted that they weren't alone, there was a group of people BUT maybe they did that just to throw people off.

A Kardashian source said that the Kardashians are happy for him in this new romance. If that is true it makes me believe that Kim and Kanye have been separated for a lot longer than we thought.

CLICK HERE to see the pictures of Kanye and Irina

Just yesterday Kim Kardashian posted this photo for Kanye's Birthday!

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