Saweetie Claps Back After Fans Accuse Her Of Faking Tesla Giveaway

Earlier in the year, Saweetie announced that she was giving away a Tesla Model S to promote her new song "Best Friend."

Turns out no one actually took home the Tesla but Saweetie explained what went down after a fan accused her of being fake.

"The fake news concerns me these days," Saweetie commented. "*update* the 1rst winner was underage & the replacement is unresponsive so we have to go through the process again.. a true supporter knows my character &knows I don’t play about my business. U were never a fan babygirl let’s talk about that."

On the bright side, if you participated in the sweepstakes you may still have a chance to drive home the Tessy.

See Saweetie's response below:

Image via Getty

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