Ten Signs You're With The Wrong Person. See the List Here.


According to a relationship expert there are some signs that will show you that you MIGHT be with the wrong person! Check out the list of red flags below

They skip your Family parties. Yeah this doesn't sound good especially if your family means a lot to you.

You nod along when your friends trash talk your partner and you don't defend them. This doesn't need an explanation.

You NEVER argue. Not fighting sounds awesome, but some couples who can't work through issues that come up might not be well matched.

You fall asleep in front of the TV. (I don't agree with this one) But they say your relationship should make you feel energized and alive, so falling asleep is a bad thing. (Look I fall asleep in front of the TV all the time because I'm tired!!!!)

You've made your partner your only best friend. This could be concerning because you always need some friends and your partner shouldn't be your ONLY friend.

You think about sex...just not with them. Ya that sounds like a red flag.

You don't know how they vote. This could cause problems down the line because maybe you don't view the world the same.

They say "I Love You" but can't explain WHY they love you. Ouch, this isn't a good sign.

You're getting forgetful. This might mean you just don't care about the relationship or your partner. You've stopped listening.

You've stopped going to Zumba. Ok this one I thought was funny but I get it, basically you've stopped doing the things you love. You've lost yourself along the way.

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