A 9 year old & 4 Year Old Stole A Car So They Could Swim With Dolphins


I've heard a lot of reasons why someone would steal a car but this one has to be my favorite! Two girls ages 9 and 4 decided to steal the family car and the reason was because they wanted to drive to California so that they could swim with dolphins.

Police said it all started at 3 a.m. when the girls woke up and snuck out of their home through the basement.

They grabbed the keys to the Chevy Malibu and got all the way to 3200 West and South Frontage before they crashed into a semi.

Thankfully the little girls were wearing seat belts when they crashed into the semi. The family has declined to be part of any interviews at the moment. Aww, they probably don't want people judging them. But people need to understand kids are crazy sometimes. I just hope the kids weren't actually trying to run away lol.

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